OUR Advocate in Georgia

ALLEN PEAKE, Georgia State Representative
Macon, Georgia 

Allen Peake is the champion and author of HB 1 that was dropped in the Georgia House of Representatives during the 2015 legislative session.  The bill will provide immunity for families in possession of CBD oil to treat their children and lays the foundation for a sustainable cultivation and supply infrastructure for the state. 

Cannabis oil (CBD) is a ground-breaking treatment for severe seizure disorders and is proving effective in treating a variety of other medical conditions. There are many misconceptions around what CBD is and what it's not. 

Oil for Epilepsy is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Georgia families with children who suffer from refractory seizures disorders and assist them in gaining access to alternative treatments, such as Cannabis Oil.

Your elected officials in Georgia need to hear from you on this important issue. You and your constituents put them in office to represent your interests.  They need to understand how important this issue is to our fellow Georgians. 

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Help Georgians gain access to cannabis oil (CBD) to treat  severe seizures disorders like epilepsy.